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Your new wellness bestie....

Acire Mylene has a huge taste for a life filled with fun, travel, health, and food! A Brooklyn native, she has loved cooking for as long as she remembers and is always ready to share with her friends and family her new recipes. Her desire to know more about food and why it contributes to people’s health in different ways, frequently left her wanting more. In 2018, she attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, becoming a certified Health Coach, and to her surprise, she also learned many concepts about the things that help and harm people’s chances of living a healthy life.


In 2019, Acire created DancinOnUrBuds where she can play a part in the health and wellness community in ways she believes are relatable. She understands that “taste” is the main factor driving us to our everyday choices—what we eat, our daily activities, what and whom we allow in our lives, etc. Her main goal is to help everyone understand that you can still “eat”, but with intention, your choices will fill you up until you are full in ways you may not have believed were possible.


So join Acire where she plans to take you on a journey showing you how taking a holistic approach to living can and will change your life!

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