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Meal Prep Services

Include consistent eating habits in your everyday routine!

Our meals ensure clean consumption of whole foods as we believe it's the best way to contribute to managing your health and wellness. Not to mention, our kitchen is operated by a ServSafe certified Food Handler!

Each Meal Plan includes TEN meals for ONLY $120.00

Half, Monthly & Quarterly options are also available. Inquire within!

FIVE Poultry Meals

Your choice of chicken and/or lean turkey paired with a healthy carbohydrate, and vegetable.  

THREE Meatless Meals

Your choice of a vegetarian protein (chickpeas, quinoa, mushrooms, or lentils), paired with a salad or healthy carbohydrate and a vegetable. 

TWO Seafood Meals

Your choice of salmon and/or shrimp paired with a healthy carbohydrate and vegetable.

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